Words of encouragement

Don’t doubt My work
Your time has come, trust.
Stay humble, baby girl.
Humility comes before honor.
Don’t be saddened by the way it’s come about, it’s My hand at work! Everything the enemy means for evil, I take it and create something good, something wholesome, something worthwhile! Continue to stay alert, continue to see thru My eyes- Seeing the real truth
I’ve saved you, remember, the first will be last and the LAST shall be FIRST!  It’s ok.
You’re gonna be ok,
Don’t be scared, I’m with you!
I’m guiding you through the  untread waters,
I am your eyes, I am your hands, I am your feet, I am your heart, I am.
Remember, do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent- silence is no more.
I love you. I love you dearly. My precious, wonderful, sweet, loving child. You can do this, and you will. I’m helping you, I Already equipped you, you’re right on!


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