Thanksgiving Spoken Word

Thank you.
Something said so often out of mannerisms
Yet do we really feel thankful when the words leave our mouth?
Is joy intertwined between those words?
Thank you.
Is our heart absent of complaint?
Is there depth to our words, do our actions in life prove our thankfulness?
Do we move in faith, because we’re truly thankful?
Thank you.
Countless things we take for granted daily that are miracles-
God woke us up this morning, every organ in our body is working
Heart beating, blood flowing
Muscles and bones holding us up
Our brain sending signals and doing all our thinking, remembering the important things
These are just the simple things we expect to always work for us.
Our life and the lives of our loved ones are miracles, everyday.
Thank you.
For the roof over our heads, for the vehicles that takes us to our destinations
For the food we consume,
The clothes that we own
For the oxygen in the air.
The simple things, but are needed.
Thank you.
It goes deeper than the surface,
For a life sacrificed, an endless love
For freedom, and opportunity of eternal life in Heaven.
For grace, forgiveness & mercy
For favor, supplication & comfort
For countless second chances and patience.
Thank you.
Let us not forget all that God has provided while we wait for our prayers to be answered.
Our God is a good God, and He always comes right on time, with more than we ask for- I am thankful for my now, while I wait for my future, because everyday is truly a miracle.

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