The Real World

There’s something to be said of those who have a lived a full life. 100 years.

This morning I was thinking, wouldn’t it have been a shame to live for so long and to not have accomplished much of anything in life? How many barriers and road blocks did she have to overcome just to get to her goals & dreams? She grew up in a time when women’s rights were fought for, what she had and the positions she held in life- she fought to be there. She never gave up.
Today we live in a world where many things are done for us. Think about it. We don’t have to search high and low for something, just Google it and you’ll find what you’re in search of within seconds. Need a quick answer? Text or instant message someone. Need to speak to someone right this second? Call their cell phone, most likely using your own cell phone! Most people nowadays find house phones an inconvenience and a bill that we can do without. Starving? Pop it in the microwave- yeah, believe it or not, there was a day when those didn’t even exist! On the road and hungry? Go to a fast food restaurant, they’re everywhere. However, not when my GG was growing up!! Food back then was ate naturally. Milk didn’t even have any additives because it was FRESH & would go bad within days. It’d be delivered on your doorstep by “the milkman”.
What does that mean? It means that those that have gone before us had to work twice as hard as we do now if not more. Yet, “life sucks” or “FML” are words one will hear in this generation today. What’s worse, is those who could actually teach us a thing or two, shed some light and give us some wisdom on life- (which is really, anyone older than us) is that we don’t want to hear it, we’d rather walk away in disrespect. Becoming a generation of people who think we’ve all got it in the bag, yet wonder around aimlessly with our eyes glued to our phones. Because, apparently, the answer to all of life’s questions is found in a thin electronic device. Not an actual person with memories and knowledge. Not a human who has probably gone through something similar to us. Oh, and most definitely not someone that has a heart filled with passion and cares. Nope. Apparently words on a screen from a person we don’t personally know on facebook is worth more to us than face to face interaction filled with real emotion. I am guilty of this, trust. When I’m “bored” you’ll see me check my phone, EVEN in the presence of someone standing right in front of me. I know I’m not the only one, because it’s been done to me too. When a virtual conversation, comments, likes, follows, re-tweets, pins, DMs, and snapchats are more important than the person or people right before us. Missing opportunities to get to know and learn and make memories from/with our actual friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances , workout partners & neighbors.
Perhaps the reason why some had the blessing to live a long life, is because they took the time to invest their time into others as well as others choosing to invest their time into them. They gained the secrets of life by listening to those who had answers that they didn’t have themselves. No, those answers can’t be found on Google. Not the one’s that your heart and soul are in search of.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my GG going home, is that we can’t make it on our own, we prosper when we help others prosper. To be much more alert to my REALITY. Sure, social media is great, but when I’m in the presence of a person or persons, I will strive to respect the person(s) and take in the moment. Those moments come only but once. Don’t let something become a missed opportunity for something temporary.
Until next time,