Independent Woman

One thing to understand about a woman like me is, I am strong. I will love with my whole heart, as loyal as they come. I am a gem.  The kind of human that you rarely find. I am relentless, stubborn & sure as hell independent. I do what I want, when I want. I lead a good, clean, fairly innocent life, I am no angel but I’ve had my load of hell in life.  I’ve yet to find love and be loved the way I long for but one thing is for sure- you cannot hold me down tightly.  No. Baby, this bird is used to flying. You can’t capture me & expect me to live in a cage- trying to buy my love. Gifts, gestures, words & actions of care are nice, but I don’t intend on being held down.  I need someone to fly WITH me, not after me, following my every move. There is freedom in love. Love has no bounds, no limits. Love believes, love trusts.  Love does not play mind games or control. No.  If that is what you have to offer, then keep walking. It won’t work with this heart. I am a breed of a different kind & it will take a strong spirited man to run in unison with me.  Don’t control me.  Eighteen years stuck in a mental, physical, & emotional prison by the words & actions of my father. No. Heck no.  I am an independent woman who flies freely.  Fly with me, not after me. This is me. And I will not be apologetic about it.  My person is out there, and he will understand deeper than the surface, on a spiritual level.  I’ll wait.