Where have I gone?

Time has flown by and my heart has changed like never before. I find myself in an unknown area.  Forgotten parts of me that ignite my soul have been barely lit. Yet, somehow, I’m still here. And I’m happy. I can’t sit here and tell you how I’m going to change my current choices, you see, love. Love does something to us. Swept up like a river, caught up in it’s waves, wading in that sweet, sweet water. Where have I gone?  I wish I could tell you. Other than, I’m just riding the waves out. I can’t tell you where I want it to end, or if there is an end. Am I afraid to be hurt? Of course. My biggest fear is of the pain that I’ll feel- should my mended heart be broken again. But I’m here. And that somewhere is unknown. Keeping secrets and living in the moment. My life is mine to live, and I’ll have to live with the results too. Good thing is, that I know God will never give up on me. Perhaps yet another thing I need to learn in life…. for someone else. I don’t know.


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