You Broke Through

The day I met you

I remember the connection we made

It was Simple yet… different.

Couple months went by till you asked

If I would be your girlfriend

I remember being scared.

I remember not wanting a relationship

Singleness was blissful

I was satisfied with enjoying that season.

But here you came.

Knocking at my heart’s door

I turned you down so many times.

I rejected all the love you tried to give

I fought and I fought hard

To keep you out.

Out of my heart.

It took me a while to love you

But because I was afraid to.

I know that you will say I’ve helped you change so much

You have also changed me.

So much.

You have shown me things that I never thought existed

Or if they did, that I didn’t believe I deserved.

Your love for me is relentless and that was the scariest for me

I never had the opportunity to be loved without condition or consequence

The only genuine Love I knew before you was God’s love.

His unconditional love

Though you are growing in the Lord,

Your heart is already following in the steps of the Father

The love you show me day after day

Is what broke through my walls

My walls of fear and brokenness

My walls of hurt and doubt

When I expected you to be mad, you were not moved.

I tested those waters of your heart

Until I thought for sure that you would be done with me.

Let me tell you what I have realized about you

You are strong.

It takes a damn strong man to handle a broken woman

To love her when she should be hated.

To comfort her when she should be rejected

To treat her like your queen when she least deserves it.

You are my blessing

I heard God tell me,

“You’re welcome. He is what you NEED.”

My blessing from God, breaking through my impossible walls

Into my heart

And now I know I am safe.

Safe with you.

I am happy to live every new day

With you by my side

I never knew I could be loved like this so fiercely and gently.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!