From My Heart

What has been upon my heart over this last week, is this:
Our body matters, our body is a gift God gave us, our body is like a house for all that is within us, our body is sacred and should not be treated with disrespect or sabotage. I pray that the reason why you choose to lead a healthy lifestyle IS NOT because society is telling you that you’re fat. Frankly, society can swallow it’s own judgment. Why? Because choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle isn’t about anybody else BUT YOU. If there is ever a moment that you should act selfishly, it should be to care for your body, because you DESERVE IT. Because YOU’RE WORTH IT. Because love cannot abound to others, truly, until you can act out your love to yourself. Love is an action, do for yourself because you love, respect, cherish, and believe in yourself. Words are just like a breeze passing us by, so saying and doing are two comepletely different things.


Our body is a temple. Envision your house- do you allow just anything or anyone to enter it? Do you prefer that your house is clean, organized and presentable?  I can imagine that like myself, you do not allow just anything or anyone into your house, and you do prefer that your house is clean and presentable. So goes the same for our bodies. Our body is a keeper of what keeps us alive- think about it- heart, brain, lungs, stomache, kidneys, liver, bladder, intestines, bones, blood, muscles, etc etc.


  If we put “allow” bad things into our body, are we protecting those things which keep us alive or putting them in harms way? Serious way to think about our bodies, huh? 
Although some deceases are genetic, we can still do our part by using wisdom with  what we eat. Our bodies need the proper nutrients in order to function at it’s maxium potential.  Eating healthy isn’t easy and it’s not always fun, and it’s OK to indulge sometimes, but what we do 80% of the time is what matters most.
Find something that works for you that keeps your body moving- a body in motion promotes longevity. If you desire to live a long life, if you desire to see your children grow up, to be around when your grandkids come along and so forth, make the change today. The people who matter the most to you are counting on you to live your life to its fullest,  to make the hard healthy choices today so you can be there for them tomorrow. Choose today.
Until next time,


Dream Again!

As I sit here doing some research into what will one day become a goal accomplishment, I find myself stretching that ability to dream again. Right now, this goal seems reachable BUT will require even more discipline than what I have going now. I’m still not entirely able to wrap my comprehension around one day having the ability to do what I so desire to do. I stop to think, what if, my whole life, just as God knew the plans He would have for me, that so has the enemy?  I believe it to be true. With that said; what if my whole life- obstacles and certain things happened in attempt to permanently block me from one of the things I was made to do in this life? What if?? Then I am reminded of the scripture “For I know the plans that I have for you, plans of good and not of evil, to prosper you and not to harm you” (Jeremiah 29:11)
Here’s another area that God is challenging me to dream in- my finances. God says I’m supposed to prosper in His plans. There’s a new avenue in my life that’s opened up, that I’ve honestly been afraid to take seriously. Not because I don’t care about it, but because it all boils down to the lie of  “I’m not good enough, I’m not deserving of good things”. But all I hear in my spirit is “PLANS TO PROSPER YOU, AMANDA”


So, is it time to stretch that dreaming?  Let myself dream some more, outside of my fitness goal? To let it reach into my finances?  To take another leap of faith and use that fear as more stepping stones? Is it time to take this opportunity serious? Yes. I say yes.
They say do it afraid, but I always thought that term was stupid… until now. I now understand what it is to “do it afraid”.  It means use that fear, step on it and accomplish what you need to accomplish. Do it anyways.
So, dream again. If you’re already dreaming, dream some more. Life is what you make it, we’re the only ones limiting ourselves in this life. Know that it really isn’t too late and whatever time you feel has been lost, know that God will restore that time to you. Take risks. Be adventurous. Do what you’re passionate about and thrive. Go above and beyond. Push yourself. Dream again!