This heart

I can’t explain why I love the way I love, without resolve, without reason, furiously and endlessly. I understand now why it has been said that I have a heart after God’s heart. I see without boundary. I love without judgement. Religion & rules mean nothing to me but for what they are- restrictions & rejections.  Christ never meant for His creations to feel rejection for being human- naturally born into the sin nature. Perfection isn’t the goal.  He made us this way, so why should other humans downcast eachother?   What love is that? It is not.  Love is acceptance. Love is unconditional. Without strings attached or the need for approval in order to receive acceptance. No. God loves us both in our dirt & in our cleanliness the same. There is no difference. So why can’t we love the same way? Love wins. Love is our answer.  Learn to act out of love rather than act out of judgment.  Love nourishes, love encourages positive growth. Love changes us.